Meet Bamishaye Oluwabukola Sophia (@sorphiyaar_), a Pathfinder and an alumni, Class of 2019, the Royal Set.
Sophia is a First Class Graduate of Biochemistry from Landmark University.
It is interesting to reveal that at the moment, Sophia is a Ph.D. Student in Biochemistry, running a dual program for both her Master’s degree and Ph.D. at Georgia State University, USA (2021-2026).
She looks forward to being conferred with a Master’s certification in December of 2022, whilst still in pursuit of her Ph.D.
Sophia is also currently engaged as a Research Fellow at the Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutic, USA. With a research focus on: “Development of a protein-based MRI contrast agent for precision imaging with the Advance Translational Imaging Facility (ATIF).”
As an enthusiast for all things nutrition and healthy living, Sophia’s passion and interest in health led to the creation of the Instagram page (@nut_nd_health), where she shares helpful tips and information with her audience.

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